Dental Lab Technician Schools

There are several dental lab technician schools around America. While choosing a program that meets your particular requirements, remember to ensure that the course meets the American Dental Association's accreditation requirements. Some of the top schools in this field, which offer accredited courses, are:

Pasadena City College

The Pasadena City College in California offers the 2 year Dental Laboratory Technology course, during which candidates complete an understanding in areas such as dental anatomy and materials, dentures, ceramics, crown and bridge, orthodontics, pedodontics etc. To qualify for the program, one has to provide proof of having completed a high school education, GED or equivalent and pass the college's hand and eye coordination and manual dexterity exams.

Atlanta Technical College

Atlanta Technical College offers a Dental Laboratory Technology diploma, which one must be at least 16 years of age to qualify for and have completed a high school diploma. The criterion also requires certain scores in English, Reading and Math. Besides theoretical classes related to orthodontics, tooth morphology, pedodontics and dental materials, you will also have to undergo practical sessions in either fixed or removable prosthodontics.

San Antonio College

San Antonio College offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Dental Laboratory Technology, which has a total of 65 credit hours and is completed over 5 semesters. In addition to theory and practical classes, candidates can choose electives in the fourth semester. This course also places a great emphasis on comprehension and written and oral communication, as well are competence in computer and mathematical skills.

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

Located in Virginia, this college offers an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree or a Career Studies Certificate (CSC) in Dental Laboratory Technology. The AAS degree requires a minimum of 72 credits, which students having some elective options in the third, fourth and fifth semester. The CSC program, which consists of 62 hours of classroom, practical and laboratory hours, requires that the candidate be already employed in a dental laboratory. This course can be completed via distance learning.

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Bates Technical College

The only accredited Dental Laboratory Technician course in Washington, Bates offers a 2 year program, with the second year comprising of hands on work experience in a reputed dental laboratory. Besides standard requirements, candidates must pass a hand eye coordination and 3D visualization exam.

Portland Community College

Located in Oregon, this college offers an AAS degree as well as a Certificate in Dental Laboratory Technology. The Certificate is awarded after completion of a minimum of 79 credit hours with at least a 'C' grade pass. The AAS degree award requires, in addition, the completion of stipulated college writing and mathematical competencies, and a total of 95 credit hours. To enrol in these programs, in addition to regular criterion, candidates must display a certain level of performance in wax carving tests and mathematical capabilities. Skill upgrade programs are also offered to technicians who wish to enhance their skills.
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